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About Me
Author, columnist, blogger. 
I am an eternal spirit having a human experience.  I have facilitated, A Course In Miracles study groups and lectured for 15 years.   I am a seeker; someone who has "a constant and passionate longing to break free from life's sorrow ~ not by running away from it, but by growing beyond her mind and experiencing in herself the reality of the Self, which knows neither birth nor death." Ramana Maharshi.
I write a column entitled "Keep Up Now", based on writings left for me by my brother, Rob Ludwig, who passed from AIDS related complications.  This column is published in the Daily Star, www.otownscene.com.  I also publish a monthly column entitled "Keep Up Now" for Diversity Rules Magazine, www.diversityrulesmagazine.com.
My book is almost complete and through it, I will share my journey with you ~ together with my brothers, we shall know At-One-Ment.
Join me in discovering who we are and why we are here.  
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